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Holdon Log

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No More Sticky Notes!
No More Scrap Paper!
No More Lost Information!

Simply and effectively give your career in the Entertainment Industry the professional edge of organization you NEED!

Choose from our array of targeted Logbooks specifically designed and created for Actors, Models, Young Actors, Background Artists, Live Performers and Voice Over Artists to log, track and manage Submissions, Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings, Income, Expenses, Classes, Workshops, Seminars, Live Events and so much more!



Being retired from the U.S. Navy military I am quite organized and disciplined and this Actors’ Holdon Log Book keeps me organized and on top of my game in this very, very competitive field of acting. It is just another secret weapon I use to keep the edge on my opponents. What I wore, how I felt, who called me for the audition, all that, It has all that info and data to track my progress. I love it. I teach acting also and I recommend it to my students. I would love to do a commercial for this product. Call me.”
*Dee Thompson*

“It helps me keep track of when and where my auditions were as well as what I wore and with whom I met. I love being able to look back at the year and keep track of the business side of “the business.” I also like being able to see exactly how many jobs I’ve booked out of the number of auditions I’ve had. I don’t go on an audition or shoot or attend a meeting without my Holdon Log. ”
*Carlene Clearley*

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Holdon Log
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I registered with HL last fall, joining their newsletter membership after visiting a couple of associated sites. The ongoing professional training and resources seemed affable. However, as I live in Michigan, and HL is based in L.A., 85% of the event emails I get are only in the L.A. area - not exactly worth my time, feasibly. Again - I live in Michigan. Only occasionally are relative Webinars (online hosted workshops) ever offered.I recommend HL for west-coasters only.

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