Charlotte Acting with L.A. Watt

Charlotte Acting with L.A. Watt

5 / 5 Stars

345 North College Street, Charlotte, NC, P.O. Box 77855, Charlotte, NC 28271


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Charlotte Acting with L.A. Watt
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It is so very rare that you find an acting teacher praising another acting teacher, but this is a rare gem that should not be passed up. In my lifetime I have studied under such masters as Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Herbert Burghof, Bobby Lewis and many, many more. I travel the country as a teacher of the craft and in my travels I occasionally sit in on other classes (because you never stop learning). Acting is a journey of self discovery and every class a creative opportunity.On a recent book tour across the south I took an acting class with Charlotte. Even after 35 years in the business she kept my attention. She never knew Lee Strasberg or sat in his class like I did, but listening to her words and her commitment to her students made me fee like I was in Lee's class all over again.Who I am is not important, but I teach acting all over the country and have studied with the best. Her words touched my soul as an actor. And if I am back in her neck of the woods I will most likely sit in on her class again.Stay blessedStudy the worldand you'll be wonderful

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