Seven Simple Secrets to a Great Agent Meeting

Seven Simple Secrets to a Great Agent Meeting

By Dallas Travers

“Landing a meeting with a prospective agent requires a lot of footwork.  Most actors know the basic steps to getting a meeting, but few set themselves up for success in the meeting itself.  Here are some simple tips that will help you master your agent meetings from start to finish.

Before You Arrive

What’s In It For Them? The hard part is over.  You have the meeting.  Be confident knowing that this agent actually wants to meet you, wants to like you, and wants to work with you.  They wouldn’t take the meeting if they didn’t feel that way.  Your job isn’t to convince them to like you.  Rather, it is to confidently share who you are, what you’re up to, and what excites you about your career.

Think about your strengths.  What qualities do you possess that separate you from the pack?   What’s your booking ratio?  How proactive are you?  How will they benefit from working with you?  What industry relationships do you have that this agent can utilize to open even more doors.

Know Your Stuff. Knowledge is power, so arm yourself with plenty of it.  As soon as you’ve set the appointment, it’s time to do your research.  Hit up IMDB PRO to find our more about the person you’re about to meet.  Know a little about their background.  Find out who they often work with and what actors they represent.  Ask your trusted friends and colleagues for insight and advice.  You just might be surprised by what you’ll learn when you simply Google the agent’s name along with the word “complaint”.

Remember, as important as research is, not every agent will be a fit for every actor out there.  So, take complaints and rave reviews with a grain of salt.

Set Your Intention. Before you meet with anyone, it’s essential to identify your precise intention.  What do you really want to gain from this meeting?  If you’re meeting with an agent, is your goal to sign a contract?  Or, do you just want to find out if this agent might be a good match for you?

With a clear purpose in mind, you can confidently navigate the conversation and accomplish your goal.  If you don’t know exactly what you want to gain from your meeting, how on earth can you expect to gain anything?

After you get there

Be Interested. Don’t be fooled into believing that you are there to talk about you.  The best way to have a great meeting is to actually focus more on the person with whom you’re meeting than on yourself.  Ask questions.  Notice your environment.  If you see a photo of a dog on their desk, ask about the dog.

Be Interesting. Engage this person in authentic conversation.  Don’t apologize or downplay who you are and what you’re excited about.  Talk about what you love most about acting.  Avoid providing yes or no answers.

Ask Uncommon Questions. The point of this meeting is to discover whether or not you want to pursue a working relationship with the potential agent.  What information do you need in order to make that decision?  Some of my favorite agent-meeting questions include:

“What do you think separates your successful clients from the others?”

“What can I do as an actor to make your job easier?”

“Describe a great agent-actor relationship.”

“What about a bad one?”

“What key steps can I take to start booking jobs?”

“How do you prefer to communicate with your clients?”

“What’s one thing you feel actors should do that they don’t?”

These open-ended questions will spark a dynamic dialogue and illustrate a lot about your future agent’s work practices and preferences. They’ll also impress whomever you meet with because most actors rely on asking obvious and generic questions such as “how many clients do you have of my type?”

Set Up the Follow Up. This crucial step will save you hours of waiting and wondering.  Before you leave the room, be certain that you know exactly what to expect next.  It’s easy to assume that if this agent is interested in working with you, that they’ll tell you so.  Not true.  The only way you will know whether or not this agent wants to represent you is to ask them.  So just go ahead and ask the real question.  That way you’ll know exactly how and when to follow up.  You might ask, “So, would you like to work together?”  or, “What’s our next step?””

Creative Career Coach, Dallas Travers wrote the award winning book, The Tao of Show Business: How to Pursue Your Dream Without Losing Your Mind. She coaches artists & actors around the globe to creatively master their business. If you’re ready to jump-start your artistic career, get your FREE Thriving Artist Starter kit now at

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