The Most Common Headshot Mistake

The Most Common Headshot Mistake

By Vanie Poyey

Hey look at me and how pretty I am!

That’s what I see in headshots over and over again. And over and over agents ask actors to re-shoot their headshots. Why? Because though pretty, their headshots lack personality.

It’s simple really. Unless you’re a model or one of the pretty people in town, you shouldn’t shoot pretty because pretty won’t sell you when you walk in the door. Your personality will. Now I’m not saying go take a selfie with your iPhone and post it on Actor’s Access. I’m saying use a photographer that can light well but don’t use a photographer that will transform you into a model.

You may have a pretty face but if you’re the everyday gal or guy, and you walk into a room full of beautiful people, you’re wasting everybody’s time and you’re not getting a call back. Your agents need to sell you so when they ask for headshots with personality just trust them! Trust me, I see it all the time, the 5’2” guy with strong jaw lines, who looks stunning in his headshot but walks in with 20 pounds too much and 5 inches too short to be the lead.

Why not do yourself a favor and let everyone know for example you’re the handsome or the pretty or the cute character actor? That way not only will you be called in to the right auditions but you’ll have a fighting chance for a call back!

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About Vanie Poyey
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