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-We shoot on an actual sound stage where major motion picture and TV shows are filmed.

-You will get rehearsal time and space included to work with scene partners and director.

-We shoot and edit scenes to suspend disbelief that these scenes are possibly paid or legit work.

-Your viewer will not know who shot your reel. Only thing they will see is YOU since you are the product.

-Sound and FX will be customized for your reel to be unrecognizable.

-We do not shoot monologues that clearly look staged just for your reel.

-You are not signing up for a long commitment to work with us.

-We believe strongly in the method of less is more. We aim for 1 minute reels which saves you in the long run when uploading them on sites like Actors Access.

-Your face will be the first face seen and we will know it is your reel in the first 2 seconds.

-We’re flexible. If you have footage you want to integrate with ours. We are open to it. As long as it meets standards that will best suite you. The more variety the better.

Our Business hours for consultations are flexible. Please email us to schedule a consultation.
We only shoot on the sound stages on Sundays. Off Lot shoots can be booked on Saturdays

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