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So, you’re an actor. You need footage of your work. You need to showcase that work.

Here at FullSwing Reels, we help make that HAPPEN!

Anything from editing your footage down to a Speed or Regular reel, tweaking your already existing reel to add another scene and/or take one out to shooting a scene specifically for you!

What we offer:
DemoScenes: A scene picked out by you (or written FOR you) from 2-4 minutes, completely edited and focued on YOU. Bring a scene partener along and spilt the cost.

SizzleScenes: A ‘1 minute’ slice of life, same as the DemoScene, but shorter and more to the point.

Monologues: Does this really need explaining? Ok, then… You, on camera, with a scene partner’s shoulder (or other part of a body, SHOWING someone you’re talking to).

DemoReels: You know what this is. A ‘Highlight’, a ‘Best Of’. We can edit to any time length you’d like, but are your targets going to sit through a 7 minute reel? Probably not.

SpeedReels: Same as the DemoReel, but 1 minute. Get to the point and show why you should be brought in.

Taped Auditions: Want to put yourself on tape and focus on the scene and NOT the technical part? Are you a local hire in New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and elsewhere? Bring a reader or we can read with you (BTW, a trained actor with over 12 years experience). Mobile service also available.

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